Should I upgrade my electric bike?


Electric bikes are current trend, and many people are joining this trend that every day and every week.

Some people are already used their electric bikes … but they want more.

For example this week contact us Hanna who wants to go From Newark to Bundham city (NJ). It has electric bicycle Tesco two years, he wants to change and is wondering what to do.

We gave her two options:

One. Upgrade its electrical moralities cost of $ 6000 per bike with dual torque motor.

Two. Purchasing new electric bicycle motor torque … double the cost of $1500.

As the cost of upgrading electric bicycle electric bike with dual torque motor is the same cost of buying a new bike and it’s because of expensive parts and labor.

Is there some advantage nevertheless issue of upgrading existing electric bicycle electric bike reinforced?

The principle does not really level besides having situations where the external configuration of the electric bicycle and electric bicycle important strong reach a very limited number of configurations.

Those who want eg folding electric bike low half configuration U can not find such reinforced electric bike and has no choice but to upgrade existing electric bike or even new upgrade, in which case the price will be even more convenient because you can win it at some parts. You need to notice that electric bikes may cause health issues, and in some times delay and shorten your period.

We shoould explain it here

Electric bikes come standard with 250w motors standard. The electric motor is the most common bike’s engine 8fan a standard and a good engine strong enough.

However, there are situations where there are people of their need is the most powerful electric bikes.

It’s not necessarily a matter of speed but of power.

To this day these people were forced to buy electric bikes or electric bikes are folding kit engine, battery, controller, command units and assembly of kit on a regular bike.

Basically, it did not really work the kits or kits that were problematic (Chain Kit) or large loads caused the bike that made electric bike and it ended spokes (strings / spikes) are broken, chassis curves and ride quality and overall performance is low.

But, the need to be needed, and people were willing to pay the price to get electric bicycles that fit their needs.

Today, there is no need for that.

You can purchase folding electric bicycle and electric large ordinary and legal standard with dual motors that produce torques generated by the engines than standard electric bike.

These engines are almost double in size.

Again, this is not the electric bicycle significantly faster, even though they are a bit faster yes, but the ways their electric engine gives higher torque.

This torque just like the torque of the car. Ie a certain speed electric motor’s ability to deal with objections and increases (like a tractor and Fiat Punto 1.0 liter journeyed both at 40 mph and let both of them deal with the ups and extra weights and resistances).

The bottom line:

You can now buy electric bike significantly stronger if necessary.

The cost of upgrading the old electric bicycle (or a regular bike for that matter) are reinforced electrical modalities is like a new electric bicycle purchases reinforced.

We encourage you to think carefully each case before you make a decision either way and invite you to consult us.

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